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Art of a Child Mobile Library

Our Mobile Library is an all-in-one structure that delivers art and basic literacy skills to children's doorsteps even in places where there is little infrastructure, equipment, services or facilities. Our bespoke vehicle transforms any space making it suitable for performing a wide variety of art and literacy based activities.

Out of school children from disadvantaged communities come together to learn some literacy skills through visual art, music and literature sessions. A professional teacher is also available to take them through academic sessions that helps them better prepare for when they join formal school.


LitClub is a space for joyful learning, creative self-expression, and community building.

LitClub is an in-depth literacy and empowerment program run once a week in small groups in both schools and communities.

Art of a child

Teen Poetry Slam Ug

The Teen Poetry Slam Uganda (TPSU) is an after school spoken word poetry mentorship program and an Annual High Schools Poetry Slam. It is a platform for students Stories and Experiences told through the Art of Spoken Word Poetry.

Aims at empowering and connecting young minds through the art of creative writing, and verse to develop literacy skills, self confidence and positive self identity and most importantly, freedom of expression.


Educational Scholarships

We enroll our children in the MatatArt program to different schools on scholarship every year. At the moment we have 230 children enrolled on full scholarships

Literacy Centers

So far we have set up a literacy centre in rural Matugga Wakiso District to ensure community members can access a library, elementary school, community building activities. Children are given priority at the centre, the library is stocked story books, plus text books to support the school going children.


Feeding Support

We have a feeding program where we supplement schools diets and better the nutrition of children at our centers as well

Due to covid19 effects on family incomes, the feeding program has extended to slums, and some rural areas. The monthly food packets consist of foods that contribute to basic nutrition needed by children to be healthy and boost their immunity.



LitMoms program empowers women in the community to be leaders and innovators that have come up with products which they sell in the community and are able to make an income to help out their families


Book Havens

At Art Of a child we work to set up book havens in different communities and schools. We fill all our book havens with a variety of selected books for both children and elders and variety of games like board games, play stations and many more educational games and activities.

Book haven is a safe and secure place where children find peace or refuge to read, write, share stories, play games, enjoy literacy clubs, educative games, and much more.

Circle of Yoga

Yoga and meditation classes for our children in schools and communities. The goal is to sustainably promote the ability to concentrate, self-efficacy and resilience.



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