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Prosper’s success story

Prosper joined LitClub as a rough member who
never liked sharing with others and wasn’t jolly.
He was later voted into head cultural affairs of all the clubs. This was his starting point. 

Literacy Centres

These are safe spaces in rural areas for children aged 3 to 5 to access early childhood education in order for them to have a great start at their learning journeys since they are left out of the main education system which starts at primary school level.

Circle of Yoga

Art of a Child offers Circle of Yoga and meditation classes for children in schools and communities, aiming to promote sustainability by enhancing the ability to concentrate, self-efficacy, and resilience among participants.

G.L.O.W Clubs

G.L.O.W Club provides girls around the world with out-of-school safe spaces to learn and explore, and trusted and knowledgeable mentors to help them discover new techniques for self-empowerment, advocacy, and skill-building


LitMoms Clubs provide caretakers in communities with the tools they need to support themselves and their families. By giving mothers access to the entrepreneurial training, literacy empowerment, and social support that so many women are often denied...

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