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Our Impact


Prosper’s success story

Prosper joined LitClub as a rough member who never liked sharing with others and wasn’t jolly. He was later voted into head cultural affairs of all the clubs.  This was his starting point. Prosper would attend but keep quiet. During the sharing phase and making reflections,  reading  aloud , he would  participate.


In one of the celebrations, he presented an article about  Empako (Pet names) and from then, he would  request  for guest  speaking.  With the guidance of his mentors and friends from the LitClub, Kato kept trying.  His performance in class was improving every term.

Upon getting first grade in PLE exams, Prosper was short listed for the KFSP (Kibaale Forest Scholarship Program) Scholarship interview.  After passing the written interview, he was among the few that qualified for oral interview.

Prosper reports that if  it was  not the  effort  of LitClub  building  his effort  in confidence, expression, courage, public  speaking,  reflecting  on issues, critical  thinking, team  work  orientation and  making  research,  leadership, he would not  have  made it to the  best  scholar 2023.

Prosper's secondary school fees is now paid. A distinction goes to LitClub mentors and friends   for nurturing  his mindset and unlocking his potential.

Ayebale's success story as attached to LitClub

Ayebale was reserved, friendly and jolly.  He liked the phase of decorating and painting components of the LitClub session.  He developed his critical thinking, socialisation, and adaptability during the LitClub stars session. He used to manage LitClub club resources. Based on the above Ayebale’s success is attributed to LitClub membership and participation, the club became his pathfinder during the scholarship interviews. He is a happy student of a secondary school on KSFP scholarship.  Thanks to everyone under LitClub   activity implementation.

Queen of Katwe Madina Nalwanga, giving testimony of how she benefited from the Art of a Child's Litclub program.

Girls who are part of Glow Club programming created a project called Girls for school to reduce period stigma and period poverty in their communities

Through MatatArt program, children exhibit how MatatArt operates by delivering literacy, arts to children in informal settlements.

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