Art of a Child

Learning Centres

Who Learning Centres Serve?

These are safe spaces in rural areas for children aged 3 to 5 to access early childhood education in order for them to have a great start at their learning journeys since they are left out of the main education system which starts at primary school level.

At our Community Learning Centers, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. Here, in a supportive and engaging environment, children experience the joy of learning through play, exploration, and creativity. Our dedicated educators are committed to fostering each child’s unique potential, ensuring they enter primary school with confidence and readiness.

Days at the Centre

Teachers and mentors plus librarians come together and support children in how to use the library, guide them in reading activities, make them love books and where books are kept, read with them along with other exciting learning
through games activities. Children can also borrow books and return them on a weekly basis.

Additional Days at the Centres

The Literacy Centre also gives these rural children
computer skills once a week with supervision of
the librarian, interested adults are also given the
chance over the weekends.