Art of a Child

How This Ugandan Social Entrepreneur Is Liberating Communities With Literacy

Susan Tusabe’s NGO in Uganda has grown to include over 600 children and 90 mothers, with activities expanding from static book clubs to a mobile library, menstrual and mental health education, leadership workshops, agricultural instruction, digital competency, and support for a boys’ football academy. Read More from or

GLOW Clubs are empowering girls in Uganda

Global G.L.O.W. is a 501(c)(3) organization that mentors girls to becomepowerful advocates and confident leaders. Global G.L.O.W. fuels mentor-facilitated GLOW Clubs in 30 countries. Since inception, GLOW Clubs haveignited the power of over 91,000 girls to do 3 transformative things: increasetheir confidence, strengthen their voice, and build their power. We […]

LitMothers’ projects transforming lives

The poultry project has a transformative impact on women, particularly the members of LitMothers, in the community. It empowers them economically by providing income-generating opportunities through the sale of poultry products. The project not only improves the nutritional intake of women and their families but also enhances their overall health. […]

Regional Summit Set to Transform Girls

The Regional Summit aims to secure new commitments from stakeholders like the private sector, faith leaders and civil society organizations to end child marriage and other challenge. Through the summit, were able to monitor and evaluate Girls’ and young women in the community. The Summit will also shares success stories […]

Reading Clubs, the other face of community Libraries in Uganda

As one of the library programs, Art of a child community library conducts LitClubs and reaches out to over 300 children and mothers through these clubs. The literacy clubs are run by mentors of the library who conduct activities like spelling, read aloud, story tellling among others. This way children’s confidence levels […]