Art of a Child

Art of a Child Mobile Library Empowering Learning and Creativity

At Art of a Child, we’re dedicated to delivering art and education to children’s doorsteps, transcending barriers of infrastructure or resources. Our bespoke mobile library acts as an all-in-one structure, transforming spaces and bringing art-based activities to out-of-school children from disadvantaged communities. Empowering Communities through Art Our mobile library is […]

Empowering Girls through “Girls for School Pads” Initiative

Menstruation is a natural phase of life for girls, yet it often comes with societal stigmas that affect their education and well-being. At Art of a Child, we’ve taken a stand against period shame with our groundbreaking initiative, “Girls for School Pads.” This initiative transcends providing mere hygiene products; it’s […]

Igniting Change: The Uganda Community Knowledge Project

In the heart of Uganda, a remarkable transformation is underway, one fueled by the power of knowledge and the unwavering support of Book Aid International. The Uganda Community Knowledge Project, passionately implemented by Art of a Child, is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to empowerment, transformation, and a […]

Unleashing LitMoms Creativity and Connection: Empowering through Crocheting

In a world where the demands of motherhood often consume every waking moment, finding a space to foster creativity and build connections can be a daunting challenge. Enter the #LitMoms program, a heartwarming initiative that is weaving together a tapestry of creativity, empowerment, and community through the age-old art of […]

Empowering Parents in Poor Communities

In impoverished communities, the power of literacy cannot be underestimated. It opens doors to education, empowers individuals, and transforms lives. However, raising awareness about the importance of literacy skills and fostering a good reading culture starts at home. By teaching parents to read to their children, we are laying a […]