Art of a Child

Unleashing LitMoms Creativity and Connection: Empowering through Crocheting

In a world where the demands of motherhood often consume every waking moment, finding a space to foster creativity and build connections can be a daunting challenge. Enter the #LitMoms program, a heartwarming initiative that is weaving together a tapestry of creativity, empowerment, and community through the age-old art of […]

Empowering Parents in Poor Communities

In impoverished communities, the power of literacy cannot be underestimated. It opens doors to education, empowers individuals, and transforms lives. However, raising awareness about the importance of literacy skills and fostering a good reading culture starts at home. By teaching parents to read to their children, we are laying a […]

Empowering Menstrual Hygiene: Gulu’s Remarkable Commemoration

On the 28th of May, Art of a Child team was in Gulu City with vibrant celebrations as it commemorated Menstrual Hygiene Day. The event was organized with the aim of raising awareness and promoting menstrual hygiene, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of the esteemed Healthy GLOW club members. Together, they […]

LitMothers’ projects transforming lives

The poultry project has a transformative impact on women, particularly the members of LitMothers, in the community. It empowers them economically by providing income-generating opportunities through the sale of poultry products. The project not only improves the nutritional intake of women and their families but also enhances their overall health. […]

Book Havens for Children to Discover the Joy of Reading

Reading is an essential skill that every child needs to acquire to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many children face numerous challenges when it comes to reading, such as a lack of access to books, a conducive reading environment, and guidance. This is why Art of a child came up with […]