Art of a Child

Menstruation is a natural phase of life for girls, yet it often comes with societal stigmas that affect their education and well-being. At Art of a Child, we’ve taken a stand against period shame with our groundbreaking initiative, “Girls for School Pads.” This initiative transcends providing mere hygiene products; it’s a movement aimed at restoring dignity, promoting awareness, and supporting girls throughout their menstrual journey.

Our unwavering commitment to ensuring girls don’t miss school due to period stigma led to the inception of “Girls for School Pads.” The initiative addresses multifaceted challenges associated with menstruation by providing reusable pads. More than just a product, these pads symbolize a bridge to dignity and uninterrupted education.

What makes this initiative even more impactful is our approach towards skills building. Through workshops, girls design their reusable pads on paper, crafting them onto pieces of cloth. This creative process not only develops practical life skills but also instills confidence and independence among the girls.

The benefits of “Girls for School Pads” extend far beyond menstrual hygiene management. By providing comprehensive support, raising awareness, and nurturing skills, we’re empowering girls to take charge of their health and education. We envision a future where no girl is held back due to period shame.

Join us in this journey of empowerment and change! Together, we’re transforming lives, one pad at a time.