Art of a Child

The poultry project has a transformative impact on women, particularly the members of LitMothers, in the community. It empowers them economically by providing income-generating opportunities through the sale of poultry products. The project not only improves the nutritional intake of women and their families but also enhances their overall health. Engaging in poultry farming equips LitMothers with valuable skills and knowledge, fostering personal and professional development within their group. By participating in the project, LitMothers gain confidence, leadership abilities, and a profound sense of empowerment within their community. The project also facilitates networking and collaboration among LitMothers, strengthening social bonds and creating support networks specific to their needs. Moreover, the poultry project promotes sustainable development by diversifying income sources, reducing food insecurity, and contributing to a resilient local economy for LitMothers and the community as a whole. In summary, the poultry project has a profound and positive impact on LitMothers, providing them with opportunities for growth and transformation.

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