Art of a Child

Reading is an essential skill that every child needs to acquire to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many children face numerous challenges when it comes to reading, such as a lack of access to books, a conducive reading environment, and guidance. This is why Art of a child came up with Book Havens. Book Havens are safe and secure places where children can find peace and refuge to read, write, share stories, play games, and enjoy literacy clubs, educative games, and much more.

Book Havens is a program that aims to promote literacy and a love of reading among children. It provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can discover the joy of reading, develop their reading skills, and explore new books. The program offers a range of activities that cater to different age groups and interests, including story time, book clubs, writing clubs, and games.

One of the key features of Book Havens is its focus on creating a safe and secure environment for children. The program is designed to be a safe space where children can come and explore their interests without fear of judgment or ridicule. The program is staffed by our trained professionals who are passionate about promoting literacy and providing a safe haven for children.

Book Havens have had a significant impact on the lives of children who have participated in the program. Children who attend Book Havens have shown significant improvements in their reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. The program has also helped to instill a love of reading among children, which can have lifelong benefits.

In conclusion, Book Havens are an essential program that provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to discover the joy of reading. The program has a significant impact on the lives of children who participate in it, promoting literacy, and instilling a love of reading. With the help of trained professionals and a wide range of books and reading materials, Book Havens provide a safe haven where children can explore their interests and develop their reading skills