Art of a Child

Art of a Child Uganda in partnership with Global G.L.O.W celebrated Black History Month, we continued with our theme of Empathy Across Cultures: Tools for Global Solidarity.

Given the tragic and traumatic events experienced by African Blacks, it is important now more than ever that we celebrate and promote Black History, Culture, and Heritage, as well as the positive contributions of Blacks.

Our Celebrations were held in Fort Portal together with G.L.O.W clubs who learnt about the contributions made by Black people to societies and the positive impacts they have made across the globe. They were also guided on how to deliver best, poems, traditional dances, folk songs and share lively experiences.

Traditional Dances and Folk Songs

In honor of the African traditions, participants were engaged in traditional dances and folk songs to reflect and signify culturally important events and emotions of love, sorrow, joy, and excitement. The dances like Runyege (Batoro dance), Buhoma (The Kiga dance) were different in each of the respective regions where participants came from. These folk songs and dances represented the way of living, beliefs, and norms.


Poetry helped reflect upon cultures and identities. Poems are authentic material for artistic creation, one of the pillars of the humanities. Poems helped in following the paths of emotion, sensitivity and the imagination, the poem transmits knowledge and human values

Experiences on Traditions

Participants also explored their own culture’s contributions and reasons why they should all be proud of the people we come from. Experiences where in line with “Kings and other cultural leaders”, “Why participants were proud to their cultures”, “Expression on traditional foods” among others.

Awarding Certificates

In recognition of outstanding participation and innovative ideas, we awarded at a later of the day Certificates of participation to G.L.O.W girls and other participants upon completion of the Empathy Across Cultures curriculum.