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World Read Aloud Day is a global literacy movement about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people. WRAD is commemorated every 1st of February, through motivation of children, teens, and adults to celebrate the power of words.

According to LitWorld, Reading aloud is one of the most powerful tool for change that we have. When we read aloud with others, we are not just strengthening our literacy skills but also bringing communities together.

Art of a Child Read Aloud day
Group Read Aloud

Art of a Child therefore celebrates the power of reading aloud through creating communities, amplifying stories, and advocating for literacy as a foundational human right. The reasons below are justifications for participating in World Read Aloud Day;

  • Reading Aloud greatly improves listening skills. We a story is read, children pay close attention.
  • Reading Aloud Builds Vocabulary. When we read aloud, students encounter new words.
  • Reading Aloud affirms the value of reading and spelling.
  • Reading Aloud Strengthens a bond amongst children.
  • Reading Aloud Can Improve Working Memory through Presentations.

We held our celebrations on 4th February at our Literacy Centre in Matugga, Wakiso District. We introduced and engaged participants to a number of activities with support from our team. Some of these activities included; Making Reading Crowns, Story in the Round, Mentors Read Aloud, It happened to me among others .

Mentors Read Aloud

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