Art of a Child

As one of the library programs, Art of a child community library conducts LitClubs and reaches out to over 300 children and mothers through these clubs. The literacy clubs are run by mentors of the library who conduct activities like spelling, read aloud, story tellling among others. This way children’s confidence levels are boosted, thinking abilities hiked and self expression is boosted.

“Literacy is beyond just reading and writing, children need to practice expressing themselves” Susan Tusabe, Mentor – Art of a child Limited.

As rural communities face unprecedented challenges, Community libraries help to address some needs especially relating to literacy. More support is required both from local, national and international organizations and stakeholders to help support libraries for these programs.

What if we had a reading club in each village meeting at a local community library once a week, each village has between 50 to 70 households of between 250 and 1,000 people of which the young population is most dominant. It means over 800 children will be reached in a week. Required support to the local community libraries is mostly in reading materials, vibrant spaces, training, monitoring and evaluation.

Article by: Emmanuel Anguyo, Coordinator, Community Libraries Association of Uganda

2nd September, 2022

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